B-Nergetics Shot Energy Drinks

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B-Nergetics Supplements has now produced an Energy SHOT that will blow your mind and performances, and will be with you everywhere you go!

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B-Nergetics Shot Energy Drinks

Tired after a business lunch? Sleepy on long car, lorry and bus rides? In need of a real boost before your workout? Needing more power to reach the summit of your trail? Get your Instant Energy Boost and Be The Ultimate You with B-Nergetics SHOT.

  •  your preworkout best friend
  •  feeling tired? get an energy kick with B-Nergetics SHOT
  •  need energy to push harder?
  •  need additional power to finish your race?
  •  long run? stay awake!

Small is beautiful: always with you! It will fit in your pocket even if you dont carry a backpack! cycling, mountain biking, running, gym: always with you for the moment you need it most!


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